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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 9, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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making news on this friday, july 9th. in the biggest spy trace since the cold war, some russians are headed home. and former russian prisoners are headed to the west. anger over a controversial verdict in california. a white cop is sentenced in the death of a man. but it's not the sentence some were hoping for. and lebron, going to miami. but a lot of his fans are giving him some heat. good morning. thanks for being with us on this friday. i'm jeremy hubbard. >> i'm vinita nair. ten russian spies deported from the united states, will be in
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the austrian capital of vienna today. >> in a scene out of a cold war era spy navl, the deal is for russians accused of spying for the united states. john hendren joins us now. >> reporter: you put it just right. it's like something out of a novel. it's the first spy swap between the u.s. and russia in 24 years. ten spies head for mother russia, a reminder that cold war-style espionage is alive and well. >> the cold war is over. but the game goes on. >> reporter: in an extraordinary spy swap, the russian spies pleaded guilty to acting as unregistered foreign agents. and were sent home after serving only 11 days. >> they feel under deep cover, a lot of time, they're sleepers. they stay dormant. >> reporter: after arriving in vienna today, they are expected to be exchanged for four russian prisoners, including igor sutyagin, who insists he is
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innocent. >> you come to america, to spy on americans in america, you will be exposed and arrested. >> reporter: the attorney for 28-year-old anna chapman said she had only given information freely available over the internet. >> some paid a high price. as his parents headed to russia, this teenage boy, juan lazaro jr. is left behind. >> they're worried about getting 25 years here. >> reporter: the lawyer for his mother, vicky pelaez says the russian government promised visas for her children. lawyers for igor sutyagin, the nuclear scientist being freed from the russian prison, says the spy swap has left him depressed. now, he'll never have a chance to prove he's innocent. vinita and jeremy? >> interesting development. john hendren in washington. thanks, john. now, to the other, big, huge story today. it is official.
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basketball superstar lebron james is heading south. after weeks of intense speculation, james has decided to join the miami heat. >> lebron's decision has caused widespread celebration in miami. and joining us is mike marusarz. >> reporter: never has a player generated so much anticipation so, much speculation, just for choosing a different team. lebron even orchestrated his own primetime special to announce his decision. the wait is over. >> and at this time, i'll take my talents to south beach and join the miami heat. >> reporter: a city that became the favorite only hours before the decision. >> i think the major factor and the major reason, in my decision was the best opportunity for me to win. and to win now. and to win into the future also. >> reporter: a power play that team three of the biggest
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superstar. james joins dwayne wade and chris bosh, that may solidify his place in history. >> what he needs to vol date his nba career, is a championship ring. >> reporter: in miami, an explosion of excitement, as if the city just won a championship. miami heat merchandise showcasing its newest star went into production immediately. new york and chicago, two favorites, disappointed. but in lebron's hometown of cleveland, fans burned lebron gear. >> he's one of our own. that's what makes it so painful. >> reporter: but winning is what james wants. he would have made more money if he stayed in cleveland. after seven years with the calve leerns endless speculation, lebron is moving on. and finally, so can the sports world. >> it was a tough decision because i know how loyal i am. >> reporter: mike murasaruz, abc news. >> this is front-page news in the cities that lebron was speculated to be going.
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here's the headline of "the post." they are calling him le bum. he was going to the nets or the knicks. and neither. >> and cleveland, as well, where there's not so much celebration. this is the headline. it is plain and simple. "the miami herald" reads jackpot. that city welcoming lebron with open arms. >> and a producer at our cleveland affiliate sent us this with her cell phone camera. "the plain dealer" gone. not a lot of love for lebron today. >> and stay with us for "good morning america." robin roberts has his first interview with lebron james. the obama administration has lost the latest round in its fight to restore a temporary ban on oil drilling in the gulf of mexico. >> a federal appeals court ruled against the white house, rejecting its argument that the moratorium was necessary to investigate deepwater drilling risks in the wake of the bp oil spill. the decision means drilling in the gulf could soon resume. and the rpa says the air quality along the louisiana gulf
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coast could pose a mode rat health risk. recent detecting produced some odor h f causing chemicals. officials say the chemicals cannot be atriblgted to the oil spill. they have identified two naturally occurring antibodies in an hiv-positive patient. those antibodies killed about 90% of the viruses tested. now, scientists believe they may be able to use the antibodies to develop the first-ever vaccine for hiv. a district court in boston has ruled that a federal ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. the judge found that the law interferes with the right of the state to define marriage. and he says that the ban forces the state to discriminate against its own citizens. the government has 60 days to decide whether to appeal. more rain for south texas, still reeling from widespread flooding. >> it was a one-two punch, as a tropical depression hit many areas already saturated by
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hurricane alex. rising waters forced the evacuation of several neighbors along the rio grande, which crested at 42 1/2 feet. and floodwaters rose so fast in tulsa, oklahoma, a number of drivers had to be rescued from their cars. now for this morning's weather from around the nation. another five inches of rain across parts of texas. downpours into the mississippi and ohio valleys, drenching louisville, indianapolis and cleveland. widely-scattered showers from new orleans to miami. portland, sacramento. phoenix sizzles at 109. 90 in boston and new york. and 93 in atlanta. when we come back on this friday, another pain reliever recall from johnson & johnson. that is part of your business news, straight ahead. and anger in oakland after a former transit officer is convicted for the death of an unarmed black man. it is going to be a tense day in
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time for a check of market activities starting overseas today. tokyo's nikkei average rose 0.5%. hong kong's hang seng is higher. in london, the ftse opened higher. on wall street, the dow rose 120 points, climbing for the third-straight gain. and the nasdaq added nearly 16 points. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are criticizing a report from the obama administration that does not cite china for manipulating its currency. the semiannual report did conclude that the chinese currency is undervalued against the dollar.
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but many say china has an unfair trade advantage against the u.s. because it its currency is kept low. johnson & johnson is recalling pain relievers. it includes children's tylenol and benadril. the affected drugs were stored the same way the recalled medicines in january were stored. the recalls have cost the company tens of millions of dollars a month. mortgage rates have dropped to a new low. average rates on a 30-year mixed mortgage dropped to 4.57% this week. that is the lowest level in five decades, when most loans lasted just 20 or 25 years. the rates have been low for a while now. so, most people have either taken advantage of them already or are unable to because they can't qualify. in today's "usa today" tech report, a look at the hotmail. microsoft has been rolling out a new version of its e-mail program to lessen spam and clutter. usa today's ed baig says
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microsoft has cleaned up its act. >> i used to have nothing but spam in my hotmail inbox. now, through the efforts microsoft's making, largely behind the scenes, most of it, not all of it, has disappeared. it's worth a second look. the new hotmail is relevant, it's modern. and it stacks up nicely against yahoo! and gmail. >> you can read ed's full review on and one of the hottest cars reaches the end of the road today. the last chrysler pt cruiser will roll off the production line. when it was first introduced in 2000, many buyers had to go on waiting lists just to get one. but the quirky car hasn't changed much since then. and sales have tumbled. >> they were wildly popular when they first came out. but like everything, they were a trend and had its time in the sun. when we come back, not giving up hope. >> the parents of missing youngster kyron horman, standing strong. and accusing the boy's
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now, for a look at your morning road conditions. flooding on i-10 from houston to san antonio. and on i-20 from dallas to midland and western texas. i-75 will be flooded from pittsburgh to columbus and indianapolis. wet on i-87 in the northeast. and on i-95 from jacksonville to miami. >> if you're flying today, expect airport delays in detroit, memphis, dallas and houston. a former transit officer has been convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the shooting death of an unarmed man last year in oakland, california. >> the officer is white. the victim, black. and the verdict is sparking outrage. don ge var ra joins us from los angeles. don? >> reporter: even though there was a quality verdict, it didn't sit well with grant's family.
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johanns mehserle, kwkt of involuntary manslaughter. >> my son was murdered. and the law has not held the officer accountable the way that he should have been held accountable. >> reporter: grant's attorney insisted mehserle lost control, shooting grant intentionally. mehserle's attorney called it a traj ix mistake, confusing his taser for his gun. the images spread quickly. so did the anger at oakland's black community. there was civil unrest. and many took to the streets in massive numbers to demonstrate. >> please, don't shoot. >> reporter: the trial moved to los angeles because of boiled-over tensions in oakland. businesses have boarded up, in case tensions erupt again. >> i have no power over the people of oakland, or any community, who feel they have been slapped in the face by the
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system. >> reporter: mehserle could spend four years in prison. he'll be sentenced next month. in los angeles, dan gee var ra. >> our thanks to don. and pizza helped police crack the case of a killer. lonnie franklin jr. is accused of killing ten people, starting in 1985. he eluded capture until last week, until they captured his son. the dna partially matched evidence from the crime scenes. they talked to franklin until he tossed out a pizza crust on monday. the dna on that pizza was a match. the parents of a missing 7-year-old oregon boy is casting more suspicion on his stepmother. kyron horman's mother says she suspected terri horman in her son's disappearance, as soon as he vanished last month. >> unfortunately, i'm at that point that i'm so angry, i don't
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even have words. i just really want her to do the right thing. and i can't say it enough. that kyron is still out there. and he needs to be home. and it's extremely frustrating that she is not cooperating. >> newly-released court documents show kyron's father told the judge that he also believes his wife, the boy's stepmother, is involved. and he claims his wife had tried to hire someone to kill him. time to change now for some sports. baseball highlights from espn news. >> good morning. i'm don bell with your espn news update. some other things happening besides the signing of lebron james. phillies and reds, from philadelphia. joey votto, just voted in the n.l.'s all-star game, as the extra man. top one, no score. votto, crushing one to right center field. that one's gone. his 22nd of the season. reds up 1-0. top eight, reds down 2-1. brandon bill strikes out
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swinging. but the ball gets away. stubbs -- there's nobody home. he scores from two. reds down 3-2. and miguel cairo. out of the batter's box. that takes one in. and we're tied at 3-3. bonus baseball. we pick it up in the 12th inning. this is brian schneider. it is a walkoff home run. philly wins 4-3, in the 12th. cardinals and rockies. ubaldo jimenez on the mound. jimenez absolutely cruising. brend brendan wyant. pujols, strikes out. rockies lead at this point, 3-0. bottom five, up 3-1. jason giambi. little bloop to left field. the rockies win 4-2. ubaldo, just the third pitcher in the last 20 years to win 15 games before the all-star break. that's all for your espn
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news update. i'm don bell. back to you. speaking of sport, did you hear there's a pretty big soccer game going on this sunday. they say about one in every six human beings on earth is going to watch or listen to spain take on the netherlands in the world cup final. >> no matter which team wins, it will be the first time a european team wins a world cup in a tournament, held outside of europe. both teams are going after their first-ever world cup title. >> you can see netherlands versus spain, right here on abc. coverage begins at 1:30 eastern time. up next, the stories we'll be following today, including a u.n. slap at north korea. and the flooding around the texas/mexico border. the rio grande is way over flood stage. the danger is growing. ♪ [ researcher ] if you're using the leading sensitivity toothpaste, you may be missing some of the protection you need for a healthy mouth. with crest pro-health toothpastes, you don't need to make that trade-off. [ sela ] crest pro-health is the first
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would you like that to hurt now or later? uh-- what? (announcer) pepcid® complete doesn't make you choose. it neutralizes acid in seconds and controls heartburn all day or all night. pepcid® complete , works now and works later. now, a look ahead to the stories we'll be watching on this friday. the united nations security council is expected to condemn the deadly sinking of a south korean ship back in march. 46 south korean sailors died when their ship was hit by a north korean torpedo. but today's statement does not directly blame north korea. police in oakland, california, say they've already arrested about 50 protesters and they're not done yet. the protesters are angry about the involuntary manslaughter verdict in the case of a white former transit officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man. south texas is bracing for another round of severe
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flooding. as residents evacuated low-lying areas, the rio grande crested in loredo at a record 42 1/2 feet. more heavy rain is on tap for today. president obama will address concerns about the economy when he makes a speech at the university of nevada later today. the president is in the region to try to bolster the re-election campaign of senate majority leader harry reid. dozens of governors around the country are expected to kick off the national governor's association meeting in boston today. talk of the agenda, the economic woes of many states. and wall street looks to extend its rally to four days. stocks rose thursday, in a bigger-than-expected number of drop in unemployment benefits. coming up later on "good morning america," we'll hear from lebron james in his first interview since the huge announcement last night that he is going to play for the miami heat. >> robin roberts' exclusive interview with james coming up on "good morning america." even if you live in cleveland, we encourage you to still tune into "good morning america" and watch that.
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well, finally, as we
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mentioned, sunday's world cup final match is spain and the netherlands. >> it's the end of the tournament that's been marked by the hum of vuvuzelas and refereeing decisions. >> but those referees could soon be getting some help. >> it was in. no. >> reporter: was this the moment that changed the world cup forever? it may not give england too much comfort now. but this mistake in england's second-round defeat by germany, may be the catalyst for a footballing revolution. the man who runs the world governing body, fifa, told the bbc there would be changing before the next world cup. do you think this will be the last world cup without technological assistance or other referees on the pitch? >> it's the final world cup with the current refereeing system. the ball is flying so fast, we have to help them. and we have to do something. >> reporter: this
4:59 am
strange-looking device, which contains a microchip and fits inside any football, could be the answer to the game's problem ps bup this, along with other proposals was rejected by fifa, just before this world cup started. and here's how it works. the signal, which is detected by magnetic fields on either side of the goal line. this determines when the ball has crossed the line, sending an instant message to the referee. fabio capello's world cup could have ended differently. the comments suggestsing england's disappointment may not have been in vain. >> david bond from the bbc. one other bit of news this morning. after about two years, jeremy hubbard is moving on from "america this morning." as cleveland loses their superhero. >> that's the only time i'll be compared to lebron james. i appreciate the comparison.


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